Things I didn't know were to put

Some nice iems that don't fit in anywhere else

Lux Fan Dancer Clock $375.

Not sure what this is $250.

Wicker Victrola $1600.

excellent working condition with records

Collection of tip trays, avg. conditon except the one Moxie which is very nice.

from $25.00 to $175.00

Signed APT Radio lamps, the one with Two Nymphs is unsigned and not sure what goes in the middle, I put a lamp in but that is not org.

Lamp is not org. to the piece $200.

Signed APT $210.

Signed APT $210.

Hula girls Lg $30. sm $50.

Predicta Tv/stand works $350 I have 2.

Pathe Victrola works great/with recs $200.

Unknow Victrola, victor reproducer $600.

Richmond Va. Race 1935 $100.

VW Bus record player $45.

Toy Victorlia, works w/records $65.

Supercar Game, complete $40.

Coke book cover 30's w/1910 book $20.