Some nice early types

These are some postcards I picked up through the years, not sure where to put them, so I'll stick them here.

A set of Lorelei postcards from Germany, quite old I believe all 6 are $75.00 sold as a set only

2 Early $20.00

The following are 1930's type arcade cards, and some non nude misc. cards, all are priced

ar1 $10, ar2 $10, ar3 $10, ar4 $10.

ar5 $10, ar6 $10, ar7 $10, ar8 $10.

arc9 $10.

some later arcade cards

ar10 $10, ar11 $10.

ar12 $10, ar13 $10, ar14 $10, ar15 $10.

some Army related cards 8 packs of 10 cards, 7 are sealed, I opened one to show you the cards $15.00 each/mint

Army postcards $15.00/each

Collection of Japanese Postcars, from the Russo-Japanese war of 1904 to 1905
There are 13 cards missing from the total of 80, 14 of the cards have been trimed at the top of about 1/2 inch, but still look good. the total for the cards is $150.00

not a complete set

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