Rock and Roll, R&B, Psychedelic Posters

Different Music related posters from the 1950's to the 1970's With one by Kozik that looks like a 60's I donít know if the 1960ís psychedelic posters are 1st press or 2nd so ask questions before you buy. All these posters were professionally framed.

50's Black college dance poster (Balladeers) $250.00

60's Black Beach N.C. dance poster, Exciters $200.00

Bufflo Springfield $119.50 (1966)


Kozik (godfather of punk) signed $75.00 1992, must of had a flashback on this one

Hendrix $119.50

Dead $119.50

Concert at Mt. Rushmore $89.00

Country Joe and the Fish $119.50

Yardbirds-Country Joe-"One Sunday Afternoon" 1967

(BG-24-OP-1) union Logo #221, Artist-Wes Wilson, Date-8/19-20/1966 Place- Fillmore, Acts- Young Rascals, Quicksilver Messenger Service, $150.00

Captain Speed $119.50

Buddy Myles Express $100.00

Tribes, a big one, $119.50

Al Kooper, et al$99.00


Moby Grape, Yardbirds $150.00


Lead Zepplin $150.50

(BG-161-1) Move, Cold Blood, Albert King February 20-23, 1969 $119.50

doors $100.00

early 50's Vocal Group Poster, one of the best found $1200.00

Legends of R&R Kennedy Poster 1980 (rolled) $85.00

Sergio Mendes Brasil 66 Oakland Ca. $85.00

Greatful Dead 1980's reprint $45.00

Greatful Dead 1986 reprint $45.00