Lobby Cards and Movie Posters

Mostly Music Related Lobby Cards, but also some Misc. Pictures, a few Movie Posters If you want a real Hot Rod Gang Movie Poster as picutred, I have one in my Record Room. It is creased and has a few small tears but I doubt you'll see many for sale at any price anymore. The Repops are only around $25.00, this one is $450.00

Gerry and the Pacemakers (rolled)full $25.

Rock Pretty Baby (framed) quater $125.

Shake Rattle and Rock (framed) full $150.

C.Berry Promo Lobby Pic $50.

Follow the links below for the different sets of Lobby Cards:

Fireball 500

Thunder Alley

Rock all Night

Because They're Young

Lords of Flatbush

American Graffiti

Misc Cards

Misc Cards

Nightmare in Wax/others

Ghost Dragstrip Hollow

Hot Rod Gang

Shake Rattle Rock

Mr.Rock and Roll



Don't Knock the Twist

Jayne Mansfield/BB

Speed Crazy

Hot Cars

Green Helmet/BB

50's exploit movie stills

Elvis/Natalie Wood Movie Stills